As a market leader in West Africa PGS West Africa conducts its business in compliance with all international & national laws, associated international guidelines and industry best practices and is internationally certified against the following standards;

Our shared core values and commitment to honesty, integrity and respect for people underpin all the work we do and are the foundation of our business principles, practices and activities.  Our clients, business partners, suppliers, government authorities/agencies and local communities in which we operate all demand the highest levels of conformance to respecting human rights and this is reflected throughout PGS West Africa’s Code of Conduct and is evidenced through our accreditation to the above internationally recognised standards.

PGS conducts all of its business responsibly and in conformance with international and national laws and associated international guidelines and best practices, whilst our code of conduct, business ethics policy and corporate social responsibility policies govern all aspects of our business practices.

Our commitment to ethical business practices is our core value, of which all of our operations are built upon. Our clients, all government agencies, communities where we operate, partners and suppliers expect the core value our commitment to be that of our commitment to respecting human rights and always seeking to provide conflict sensitive services that seek to develop and maintain a social license to operate.

PGS respects all people, including our personnel, our clients, the local communities within which we operate and host and home nation governments. This is demonstrated in a robust commitment to the UN guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Providers (ICoCA), the Montreux Document and applicable local, national and international laws and guidelines. Elements of this responsible approach include:

  • Act with integrity and adhere to the highest standard of business ethics.
  • Not commit any act which might prejudice the security and stability of local communities, host nations or impact adversely on the local environment.
  • Deliver the highest standard of service to its clients and maintain client and personnel confidentiality.
  • Comply with the laws and regulations of host nations and best practice international law.
  • Comply with international and local human rights laws and applicable provisions of international humanitarian law
  • Not condone discrimination, or harassment of any person

Sven Hanson MBE

Managing Director

16th March 2016

It is PGS’s policy to conduct its business in a manner that delivers optimum Operational Risk Management services, within the framework of national, international and local regulations, in addition to the requirements of the client.

In order to fulfil this policy, PGS will:

  1. Ensure all employees and consultants involved in the delivery of operations and risk management services are competent to do their tasks and provide training where appropriate;
  1. Ensure that staff in all PGS offices and operational locations, are briefed on and compliant with the requirements laid out in this policy;
  1. Adopt a risk based approach to business planning and execution;
  1. Establish and maintain ‘best practices’ and documented procedures to ensure that any activities that impact on the operations and risk management services are managed in a proactive and responsible manner;
  1. Obtain the necessary licences, permits and approvals from the appropriate government/regulatory bodies in order to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations;
  1. Seek to minimise the disruption to the client security operations and risk management by means of threat identification, risk assessment and risk management;
  1. Adapt and improve its security performance and Operational Risk Management System effectively and efficiently, to meet the needs of changing global trade, business and regulatory needs;
  1. Maintain procedures for communication and consultation between all levels of staff on matters relating to operations and risk management policy and procedures;
  1. Assist our clients and partners in improving their overall operations, supply chain and risk management from a risk management perspective, as required or requested;
  1. Ensure regular reviews of the Operational Risk Management System to enable continual improvement; and review and revise this policy and objectives as necessary at regular intervals.

Sven Hanson MBE

Managing Director

16th March 2016

PGS believes that our long term success depends on our ability to deliver valued and professional services to our customers without harming people or the environment. Health and safety is everyone’s responsibility and it is a core value that will not be compromised in the pursuit of our business goals. Every employee of PGS is empowered and expected to exercise stop work authority when necessary to protect the safety of themselves or other people and prevent damage to the environment when performing duties on behalf of PGS.

We have implemented safety programs to protect our personnel, customers, contractors, the public, property, and the environment. Each employee is responsible for their own safety and the reporting of unsafe conditions. PGS Managers are committed to demonstrating a leadership role in promoting health and safety in its activities and in protecting the public and the environment, whilst continually striving to ensure quality of service delivery.

Our QHSE Integrated Management System approach, represents our commitment to achieving and maintaining the highest standards including:

  1. Developing and engendering a positive safety culture, that promotes and sustains our commitment to Target Zero;
  1. Providing resources for training in QHSE and job specific skills and knowledge;
  1. Perform regular QHSE audits, reviews and inspections to promote proactivity;
  1. Minimize our impact to the environment through prevention, reduced consumption and recycling whenever practical;
  1. Complying with and adhering to all applicable regulations and laws as may be in place and where no law exists, implement best practices as may be necessary to promote our overall QHSE goals;
  1. Implement documented processes focused on ensuring the quality of our management systems and service delivery.

By establishing; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time focused targets and goals we will ensure our QHSE aspirations are met and continuous improvement is attained.

Our QHSE Management System is the cornerstone of our continuous improvement process to assess and manage the risks inherent to our business and will be reviewed annually to ensure that as our business needs and risks may change, the system remains tailored towards our goals.

Sven Hanson MBE

Managing Director

16th March 2016

PGS is committed to achieving the highest possible standards of service and the highest possible ethical standards. To achieve these ends, it encourages freedom of speech and also encourages staff to use internal mechanisms for reporting any malpractice or illegal acts or omissions by its employees or ex-employees.

PGS has a range of policies and procedures, which deal with standards of behavior at work. Employees are encouraged to use the provisions of these procedures when appropriate. There may be times, however, when the matter is not about your personal employment position and needs to be handled in a different way. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Malpractice or ill treatment of an employee/client/customer by a senior member of staff;
  • Repeated ill treatment of an employee/client/customer, despite a complaint being made;
  • A criminal offence has been committed, is being committed or is likely to be committed;
  • Suspected fraud, Disregard for legislation, particularly in relation to health and safety at work, the environment has been, or is likely to be, damaged, breach of standing financial instructions, showing undue favor over a contractual matter or to a job applicant;
  • A breach of a code of conduct;
  • Information on any of the above has been, is being, or is likely to be concealed.

PGS will not tolerate any harassment or victimization of a whistleblower (including informal pressures), and will treat this as a serious disciplinary offence, which will be dealt with under the Disciplinary Rules and Procedure.

Whistle blowing can be carried out anonymously and PGS will not attempt to pursue the identities of any person submitting any type of instances of whistle blowing / reporting, nor will the person be subjected to any form of disciplinary action of any kind or form.


Sven Hanson MBE
Managing Director

17th March 2016

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