Our Clients

PGS have been operating in West Africa for a number of years as a fully registered and fully regularised Nigerian company.  Fully licensed, PGS is compliant with all local laws and legislation, including holding full permits from the Department for Petroleum Resources (DPR) to operate in the oil and gas sector in Nigeria.  PGS regularly services a significant number of national and international clients and has an impressive track record of success.

  • PGS are the sole risk management provider in West Africa to one of the world’s largest shipping conglomerates, which consists of companies operating in the logistics, oil and gas and shipping sectors (including the largest shipping container company in the world).
  • PGS are the sole risk management provider in West Africa to one of the world’s largest professional financial services companies (one of the “Big Four”).
  • PGS provide risk management services for multiple national and multi-national oil & gas production (fabrication, maintenance, transportation) & oilfield services companies both offshore and onshore.
  • PGS provide risk management services for various dredging and seismic companies presently operating in Nigeria, both offshore and onshore.
  • PGS created, established and managed the internationally recognised Secure Anchorage Area (SAA) offshore Lagos, Nigeria (www.saawestafrica.com), alongside their local partners for 5 years (2013-2018) .
  • PGS are the appointed risk management technical partners contracted to provide full spectrum risk management consultancy services to secure, repair and maintain 2 of Nigeria’s most critical pipelines.
  • PGS managed the entire range of risks on behalf of 2 of the 11 national Nigerian Electricity Distribution Companies during privatisation from government to private ownership, which included one of the largest EDCs, i.e. the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company & also the highest risk, i.e. the Yola Electricity Distribution Company).
  • PGS provided risk management services to support a State Governor candidate’s bid for election to Governor during State Governor Elections.
  • PGS regularly provide travel assistance & secure journey management services to a number of international companies visiting West Africa, particularly Nigeria.
  • PGS provide a range of bespoke specialist consultancy services such as Critical Incident Response and Crisis Management to manage crises effectively, i.e. the Kidnap for Ransom of crewmembers offshore.