Corporate Support Services (CSS)

Pathfinding services enabling access to emerging markets in complex environments

PGS offer bespoke corporate services which support and enable non-locally registered companies and investors by providing access to emerging and existing markets in West Africa.  We achieve this by providing the necessary level of advice and support to enable you to make informed business decisions and manage all your risks, both physical and commercial.

Utilising our extensive knowledge and experience of operating in the challenging environment of Nigeria, we can help protect your investment by providing bespoke and environment specific strategies to mitigate risks to your investment, be they financial, physical or reputational.

Corporate Risk Management

PGS provide risk management and full-spectrum risk mitigation through the provision of business risk experts and business professionals experienced and familiar with the local environment.

Project Management Support

PGS provide project management support by combining local knowledge and understanding with our own expertise in project management and service delivery in complex environments.  This includes;

  • Facilitating political, commercial and regulatory liaison, including introductions to government officials, local businessmen, local agencies and authorities.
  • Providing risk strategies encompassing political, operational and reputational considerations.
  • Providing guidance on host-nation legalities such as local licensing requirements and import/export considerations.
  • Identifying and conducting due diligence on local professional service providers that may be required.
  • The identification and provision of appropriate logistical and life support, including infrastructure for office and residential premises and vehicles for transportation.

Financial Gateway

PGS provide a gateway to complex environments for international private equity, corporate investment and international aid through our comprehensive understanding of local and international tax legislation, banking and law.