Risk Management Consultancy

Individually tailored services

PGS provides comprehensive consultancy services to mitigate the risks to your people, assets, environment, operations and reputation across a wide spectrum of different sectors, offering expert analysis of the opportunities and risks associated within differing operations and environments.

Our highly experienced risk management experts have a thorough knowledge of international conventions as well as extensive and up-to-date knowledge of local threats enabling them to conduct thorough evaluations of your existing systems and plans in order to identify appropriate risk mitigation measures.

Our approach may typically involve a holistic review and audit of your existing risk management plan or system, to identify and analyse current or potential threats.  Once completed a detailed risk assessment is then carried out to assess the level of risk to your people, assets, environment, operations and reputation.  Finally we will provide a full risk management strategy, including a range of cost effective risk mitigation measures, to reduce or eliminate the risks identified.

Maritime Risk Management

PGS provide a full range of maritime Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment (QHSSE) services which range from the provision of Risk Management Consultants onshore and offshore to provide a range of services from training and advising your staff and crew on all aspects of maritime risk management to undertaking liaison with local agencies and authorities.

Our maritime experience is extensive and includes the establishment of the internationally recognised Secure Anchorage Area (www.saawestafrica.com) offshore Lagos, Nigeria (alongside our local partners Ocean Marine Solutions) and the management of several maritime contracts offshore for oil & gas companies in the highly complex and high risk area of the Niger Delta, Nigeria (e.g. in Warri, Escravos, Forcados and Bonney).

Our offshore services are enhanced by our onshore risk management services including travel assistance and secure journey management for crewmembers and static site protection for land sites supporting offshore activity, i.e. for Temporary Work Camps for construction projects i.e. pipeline construction etc.

Travel Risk Management

PGS provide bespoke solutions to facilitate safe and secure movement throughout the high risk and complex environments in West Africa.  This includes protocol (meet & greet) services at all airports and ports for your peace of mind and safe escort to your hotel, venue or personal residence.

Our dedicated journey management specialists are trained in all aspects of protective movement and close protection, including intelligence and threat analysis and detailed ground study and route assessment for all movements.

In addition to liaison with relevant authorities & officials, airport immigration and local Government Security Forces, our local Risk Management Consultants provide linguistic support and contingency planning, including emergency first line medical support.

Personal Risk Management

PGS provide comprehensive executive personal protection services throughout West Africa.  Our expert Close Protection Officers are highly trained and locally experienced operators who all are familiar working in complex countries throughout West Africa from the high threat areas of North East Nigeria to the lower threat areas of Ghana.  This includes operating in all environments from the heavily urbanised districts of Lagos (Nigeria) to the more spacious suburbs of Monrovia, Liberia.

Our experienced specialists understand and appreciate the protective requirements of the business executive, the private client and their families and provide a full range of personal protective services from close protection of the individual to the securing of residences and the searching of venues to be visited.

Our services also include the provision of surveillance equipment (physical and technical), technical analysis (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures), audit and tracking of dependents or assets and personal risk management awareness training for dependents and staff, when and where required.

Site Risk Management

PGS provide high quality risk management services to protect your fixed sites, regardless of size or complexity, with a minimum of fuss, intrusion and interruption to your daily operations.  This service includes a regular and continual threat assessment to maintain the integrity of your protection, preventing the opportunity for terrorist or criminal exploitation.